Pioneer Malt Drinks

From Fields Of Gold

The “malt drink” or “malta” (soft drink) concept originated in Germany as Malzbier (malt beer) where its colour and consistency was dark and dense with a fermentation process halted generally at 2% ABV. This, in turn, would leave a residue of sugary taste for the finished product.

The beverage is prepared from malted grains of the barley plant in which natural flavours are added for the final product to be processed. Additionally, a truly Non-Alcoholic method can be achieved by yielding negligible alcohol to the maximum by extending the brewing practise.

Our products are guaranteed to have 0.00% of alcohol levels and without additives for a truly healthy refreshment experience.

“Our line of beverages offers refreshing flavours, carefully designed to match the demands of any palate, whether sophisticated connoisseurs of carbonated drinks or mere enthusiasts.”

As a product line created and operated exclusively under the banner of The Solomon Brokerage Firm, a rising wholesale trading corporation in Tallinn, Estonia, we deliver superiority in manufacturing principles, unswerving production lines, pristine quality engineering, and standardization of processes for every single unit crafted.

PIONEER Malt Drinks offer competitive multinational export capacities for truly reliable supply manoeuvres in global product allocation.

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